Marketing and sales depends on your business and you

sales-growth-imageMarketing and Sales

Service section of the product line after completing your plan, your business plan for the next part of your marketing and sales for your business management strategy should focus.

Marketing is the process of creating customers, and customers are the lifeblood of your business. In this section, the first thing I would do is define your marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is to approach in any way; My strategy for your company is part of running a business assessment process and must be unique. However, if you drive sales and maintain customer loyalty to want to use that will help through the management and strategy, which are the general steps you can take.


A global marketing strategy should include four different strategies:

A strategy for market entry.
A growth strategy. You can include a strategy for building your business: like buying another company, an acquisition strategy to increase its human resources as an internal strategy, one of the products for you So provide a horizontal strategy where a strategy franchise to branch out to multiple users, or you you’re going to continue to provide the same product but are offered at different levels of the distribution chain, where a vertical strategy.
Channel distribution strategy. Alternative distribution channels of original equipment manufacturer (OEM), an internal sales force, distributors or retailers can join.

Communication strategy. How will you reach your customers? Etc. brochures, catalogs, pamphlets, propaganda, advertising, public relations, personal selling and printed materials: usually a combination of the following strategy works best After developing a comprehensive marketing strategy for you, you can then define your sales strategy. How do you plan to actually sell your product is included.

Its total sales strategy should include two key elements:

A strategy for the sales force. You’ll have a sales force, independent representatives, whether internal or what you are using? How many vendors will register for your sales force? Recruitment strategy, how will you use? How to train your sales force? How about compensation for your sales force?
Their sales activities. Are you define your sales strategy, so it is important to break in activities. For example, you should identify your prospects. It has created a list of potential clients, once you buy the first option leads with the highest quality, contact prioritize needs. After this, you will make sales calls in a given period of time to identify the number. From there, you need to make sales calls by the average selling midsize sales dollars, and dollars on average seller to determine the size needed.

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