20 Best New Business Ideas for 2017 and 2018

20 Best New Business Ideas for 2017 and 2018

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They say the future is here. We are currently going through a learning phase where anything and everything is being done using technology. Days aren’t far when you see the things that you currently think impossible, happening in front of your eyes in near future. When everything is being drive by technology, businesses aren’t any exception to anything. Most of the traditional businesses have taken up the online model successfully, and the remaining ones are in process of. It won’t surprise you at all when we tell you that you’ll have everything on your fingertips in future, literally.

20 Best New Business Ideas and people these days are finding and giving opportunities to work with ease, using technology. There are hundreds of online businesses and jobs that can be done while sitting at home; all you need is a working computer and an internet connection. Yes, people are more actively participating in online money-making methods than before. There are hundreds of jobs and businesses that can be done from home while investing very minimal amount. Here are some of the top, in fact 20 best new business ideas that you can switch to during the present and coming year. Go through all the 20 ideas, see which suits you the best, and start!

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1. Be a Web Designer
20 Best New Business Ideas

Web designing is an interesting field where you need a combination of art, skills, and technology. You got to have great imagination that can be put to practicality. We are talking about website designing as one of the top new business ideas because it is currently one of the hottest things you can do to earn good. If you have a good hand in coding with knowledge of HTML, have decent designing skills, you can design your own stunning-looking website that is practical for different businesses. Big companies are often looking for web designers to get their websites designed. If you can do the task with some difference, you can score high anytime in the field of web designing. Once you create a perfect work profile for yourself, there is no stopping, both in terms of growth and money!

2. Start Affiliate Marketing
top five online business ideas

Affiliate marketing is both simple and complex; in fact, simple to understand and a little complex to improvise. In simple words, in the field of affiliate marketing, you earn commission by selling other companies’ products. Generally, the higher the cost of the product, the higher the commission you earn. Thousands of people around the world have made their fortune via affiliate marketing. It is one of the best methods to earn quick money, in fact. Start slow and grow as you learn.

3. Become a Nutrition Coach
20 Best New Business Ideas

They say health is wealth; and this can also be proven true from the perspective we are talking about. A lot of people are actually unaware about the kinds of foods they must eat or the kinds of exercises they must do to keep healthy. In addition, a lot of people have to eat and exercise according to their present health. Such people are always looking for advice from professionals. Now, you can be an online nutrition coach who gives coaching, advice, and guidance in relation to food intake, exercise, and every else to people who are looking for it. Health is a great niche to work in to earn good money. You can also do this part-time if you are working as a gym instructor/trainer or dietitian somewhere.

4. Become an Author; Write an E-Book
20 Best New Business Ideas

People around the world are adapting to e-books instead of the physical ones. They are now reading e-books on their smart devices. They do not need to carry multiple books anymore, for they can store thousands of e-books in their small smart device. Now, let’s look at the other side of the coin. You can be an author to these e-books. Give wings to your creativity and write an e-book that you can get published online paying minimal fees. It is, in fact, one of the best platforms for people who have been rejected by different publishing houses for one or the other reason. Writing an e-book and publishing it online can not only give you a lot of money, but also great recognition in the industry. A lot of people around the world have made a fortune writing e-books; you, too, can.

5. Set Up an Online Consignment Store
20 Best New Business Ideas

There a lot of money in selling vintage articles these days. Whether you have vintage items in store or some other kind, you can sell them online using the online platforms of different other companies. Vintage items, in particular, can be auctioned and can earn you good money in almost no time. Selling items online would save you on rent or investment you were to make in purchasing a physical store otherwise. Irrespective of the item you have with you, you can find an online platform to sell it off. In addition, you can even sell pre-owned or used items online.

6. Teach Online
20 Best New Business Ideas

There is a whole world out there willing to learn more. Can you teach them something special? Be it a particular subject, language, skill, art, or anything else, you can teach them online. Online courses have been helping students around the world learn at their own disposal; and these online courses are developed by professionals. You can either develop an online course and sell it online or teach students at their convenient timings online. Both these options not only help you gain experience in your field, but also make some extra money. Online teachers are quite well paid when it comes to special skills, art, or language. Also you can list your online course on different portals where people can buy it.

7. Become Instagram Consultant

Yes, you read it right. You can be an Instagram consultant. If you have a background in social media marketing and have a passion for photography, this is one of the best money-making ideas for you. A lot of big brands are promoting themselves using social media, especially Instagram, but do not know how to go about it in a right way. Companies spend huge amounts to improve their online presence, and Instagram is one of the best social media platforms you can grow your business with. With your knowledge of social media marketing and good eye in photography, you can help the big houses improve their content altogether. If you do it successfully, they won’t mind paying you what you ask for.

8. Be Part of Women’s Health Platforms

20 Best New Business Ideas

Woman in doctor’s office smiling

There have been online platforms introduced by women that help other women grow and become self-sufficient. These women-focused online platforms inspire women entrepreneurs to make a difference in society and help other women grow. These online platforms focus on women’s health and product/service related needs to it. You can be part of this aspiring idea and make significant difference in society and earning big.

9. Start Box Subscription Services

This can be one of the best businesses for you if you wish to tap your local market. Box subscription services in niches like beauty and food are already making mark in the industry. The best thing about such business is that it is tailored according to the customers’ needs, interests, and likes. More importantly the goods/services are delivered at the customers’ doorstep each month. This recurring model can turn out to be a lucrative business if you can tap an untapped niche or provide products/services at extremely affordable prices.

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10. Open a Health Club
20 Best New Business Ideas

People are focusing more on their health and fitness more than ever these days, and this has given the health industry a rushing boost altogether. We aren’t talking about a regular, just-like-others health club here, but something with difference. It could be something that focuses on every customer’s needs, while making them feel more comfortable and giving them great environment. Going with the current trends and engaging with customers on social media can make a strong social profile for your business, thereby helping it spread both online and word of mouth. In addition to giving you great returns, this business will also help you build a strong network of contacts.

11. Design Kids-Friendly Applications

A research revealed that nearly 75 percent of kids have access to mobile devices, be it of their parents. Kids, if they do not have their personal mobile devices, use their parents’ mobile devices to either learn or play games. Thinking that kids aren’t your potential customers is completely wrong. This is again an opportunity you can tap. Creating educational applications and apps that help kids learn while playing can be great idea to start with. The best thing about is that you do not need to be a great professional designer for that; just start small & basic, and track your growth.

12. Fix E-Waste

There still aren’t enough facilities that can collect and fix your e-waste. Old televisions, laptops, computers, cellphones, batteries, and many such items generally lie unattended in people’s garages. You can start/offer a service that fixes or recycles electronic items for them. Collect the item from their home and device a mechanism to get paid according to the item and location.

13. Impart Software Training

If you have thorough knowledge of a particular software tool, it can help you earn some extra buck. There’s a whole bunch of people looking for trainings in special software tools, but most of the resources available are either too expensive or complex to understand. You can start a small group of trainees or impart training in private sessions, per your or students’ convenience. You can charge them for the full program or per hour, the choice is yours.

14. Become a Healthcare Consultant

Job of a healthcare consultant is to offer data analysis and management to organizations like laboratories, therapists, hospitals, etc. Healthcare consultants generally help healthcare providers to implement different solutions to improve efficiency, thereby saving on a lot of money. As healthcare industry is always going to grow and expand, you stand a fair chance of becoming a health consultant. All you need is a degree in marketing or economics. Start small and grow with opportunities.

15. Start a Food Truck

If you are really good in kitchen and recipes, here’s a great opportunity for you. A recent survey concluded that food truck industry will reach $2.7 billion by the end of 2016. In addition, another survey found the failure rate for food trucks to be only between 10-20% as compared to 60-90% for restaurants. Furthermore, a truck is quite an inexpensive investment as compared to a restaurant; you can always buy an old truck and customize it. With some great recipes and right equipment by your side, you will be set to run your own food truck business within no time.

16. Be a Freelancer

A freelancer is a person who is not into any long-term contract with any company; and companies these days are looking for freelancers for smaller projects (even bigger projects where they cannot have the skilled person on site) and filling skill gaps in their staff. Depending upon your skill-sets, you can always find some part-time, or even full-time, work on different freelance-jobs-offering platforms. You can either get paid by hour or on basis of project. Find the right project for you and grow your profile (and income). As you gain experience, you value will increase.

17. Become a Mobile-Platform Consultant

Technology is going mobile, and it is a must-have for all businesses now. Just because the customers are going mobile, the businesses will have to. All the businesses are trying to go mobile, but some are having hard time and facing different challenges. If you can help them with affordable mobile solutions, you have a great opportunity at hand. Companies always have an ongoing need for mobile assistance.

18. Start Your Translation Services

They have started to call the world a global village, and it is true in fact. With businesses growing and reaching across different borders and cultures, the need for translators has shot up. According to a recent survey, the demand for translators and interpreters is going to grow by nearly 46 percent by 2022. So, if you can help meet businesses with different foreign-language speakers at one place, you are good to start your own translation services.

19. Start with Employee-Monitoring Services

With more and more employees working mobile, the need to monitor them is also growing. In fact, the population of mobile workers is expected to grow to nearly 105 million by 2020. Therefore, the need of employers to monitor their employees is also going to grow with time. Most of all, payroll and billing departments sometimes find it hard to manage the data because of high number of mobile employees. Generally, employers do not have staff to manage all the data relating to mobile workers; the data that can actually be analyzed rightly and prepared for payroll and billing departments. Therefore, a company providing employee-monitoring services can score really high in future. Providing some additional human resources function would be an added advantage.

20. Fix Smartphones

Smartphone market is one of the biggest and is set to grow enormously in future. In fact, smartphones have become a necessity for individuals and businesses. Being a machine, smartphones are prone to damage and problems, and getting one fixed can cost quite a lot of money. You can a solution provider by opening an affordable smartphone repair shop/service. All you need to do is learn fixing broken screens and solving technical problems. Take a crash course and you are set to launch your own business.

There is a long list of businesses that can perform well in coming years, but this list of 20 best business ideas is handpicked and based on various surveys and facts. If you wish to be in control of the things, you got to have a business of your own, and these 20 best new business ideas are definitely going to help.

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